The Carneros Brewing Company is one of only a handful of Latino-owned breweries in the United States out of about 2,500. The microbrewery was founded by brothers Jesus, Pedro, Armando and Manuel Ceja and their families. They are Mexican-American immigrants from the states of Michoacán and Jalisco.

The company produces handcrafted Jefeweizen, Morena Ale, Cerveza Pilsner, Carneros IPA and Negra IPA using the best ingredients and the hops grown at the brewery in Sonoma. The Carneros Brewing Company invites you to visit the brewery and taproom to sample their refreshing brews. The adjacent sprawling beer garden around the pond is also great for picnics and offers lovely views of the Carneros countryside.

The Ceja Brothers

Jesus Ceja - Brewmaster


Bachelor of Science in Food Biochemistry and Master Brewer Certificate from UC Davis, MBA from Webster University

Brewing and Related Experience

While completing the UC Davis Brewing Program in his junior year, with the assistance of Dr. Michael J. Lewis, Jesus interned at Adolph Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. At Coors, Jesus was fortunate to learn about their entire production process. From conducting quality assurances of raw materials, implementing brew house best practices, developing aging techniques to learning about packaging operations, Jesus' Coors brewing internship was comprehensive, rewarding and further ingrained his passion for brewing.

After graduating from UC Davis, Jesus joined Red Star Yeast Company, the largest yeast company in the country, to learn everything about yeast strain selection and propagation. One of the most important aspects of brewing high quality craft beers is selecting and maintaining the right yeast strain. Red Star Yeast Company endowed Jesus with an encyclopedic knowledge of yeast attributes and lab experience.

Jesus later joined Anheuser-Busch Inc (ABI) where he was fortunate enough to be mentored by the best brewmasters in the industry. At ABI, Jesus started at the bottom learning the fundamentals of crafting quality, clean and consistent beers, and then promptly moved into an assistant brewmaster position before assuming a senior brewmaster role at various brewery locations throughout the US. During his last three years at ABI as a staff brewmaster, Jesus oversaw brewing operations and handled licensee agreements with international brewery partners in Canada, the Caribbean and South America.

Jesus' brewing education at UC Davis and his career experience at Coors, Red Star Yeast and ABI have prepared him well for his next project - creating his own craft beers. He is proud to partner with three of his brothers, all of whom bring their unique and complementary talents to the table, in order to make his passion a thriving business. The Carneros Brewing Company is a dream fulfilled.

Jesus Ceja - Brewmaster
Growler - Carneros Brewing Company